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You must make your payment (i.e. sow) within 24 hours when matched with someone who is ready for harvesting.

You must be active (sow & reap) and ready on the day you chose to make payment

Don't let your money exceed 11 days after sowing because it will stop growing / appreciating after 11 days.

Don't be too quick in reporting others because this may have adverse effect on them. Learn to communicate well with those you are matched with - You may not know the cause of their delay at time.

Don't insult participants either on phone or message, you may be reported for doing so.

After becoming a guider, make sure your downlines (those people that register under you, or under your supervision) have proper knowledge of nairatree.

Creating multiple accounts is highly prohibited. If we discovered you with this defect, you may be permanently blocked. So please be contended.

Confirm the payment immediately you receive it as you would not like to be delayed too.

For maximum security and protection, please note your username, password and access code somewhere (softcopy or hardcopy) because you cannot sign in without these 3 attributes.
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