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    Here in nairatree, we have designed different channels for you to make extra income.

    You earn 50% interest on every seed you sowed (For example, you reap N15, 000 >> capital and Interest, for sowing/pledging N10, 000 in 11 days.

    You are not limited to making money from your own investment alone, you also get 10% of your referral's capital - For example, if your referral sow N100, 000, your account will be credited with N10, 000 been a referral bonus.

    You can as well become a guider after 3 months of good track record (without been reported) and start earning 5% from your first level downlines, 3% from second level downlines and 1% from your third and above downlines.

    There is end of the year bonus for everyone that register on December. They will earn 120% instead of usual 50% for that month. This offer is put in place to encourage discipline and transparency. All your lifelines must be in contact before you can enjoy this offer.
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