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What is Naira Tree?
Nairatree is a community of people coming together to sow seeds of financial support to those in need of it and in return, harvest the seed from those who are ready to render help in multiplying form
How secure is Naira Tree?
Our foundation is God. We have team of experts that monitors the functionality of our web service. For maximum security, we have put in place 3 verification sections (username, password and your ID) that can discourage anyone who want to infiltrate your account. In addition to your account security, your money is also secure as you will only be contacted when someone to match you with is ready.
What is lifelines?
Every member is equiped with three lifelines. These lifelines are meant to discourage scanning of fake receipt. The status of the lifelines get changed each time you are reported for proving fake receipt. After been reported more than three time, your account will be blocked.
If I lose all the lifelines, what will happen?
You have to buy the complete lifeline back for N10, 000 for exhausting the previous one before you can get help
How can I become a guider?
After becoming a participant and have no record of fake payment for 3 months, then the form will be made available through email after your application is confirmed, then the training begin thereafter. The period of the training ranges from 1 to 2 weeks
What will nairatree do when there is imbalance in the system?
Every year there will be reschedule of percentage to balance the system while every member will receive email from us showing their data for the year
What are the benefits of Nairatree?
You get 40% of money you sowed in 21 days or 20% in 11 days as well as N2,000 instant registration bonus
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